An Important Software Update is Available for the 2021-2022 VW ID.4

January 11th, 2023 by

new vw id4 software update

What to Expect and How to Get in Touch with the Volkswagen Service Center

Unlike pre-millennium vehicles, modern cars and SUVs are jam-packed with numerous safety, driver assistance, and infotainment features. Virtually every vehicle rolling off the assembly line has some variety of internet connectivity and smartphone device pairing, and the Volkswagen ID.4 for sale is no exception.

Upon its release, the VW ID.4 made an impression on drivers and reviewers alike. In addition to being named one of Wards 10 Best User Experiences, the VW ID.4 was also the winner of the 2021 World Car of the Year Award. Even with two of the industry’s biggest accolades, there’s always room for improvement, which is exactly where the software update comes into play.

Over the past couple years, VW has been collecting customer feedback about the ID.4 and how it can be improved. The software update aims to elevate the overall user experience by updating some of the features, addressing frequently reported issues, and fixing minor bugs.

How to Get the Software Update and What to Expect

There are a couple key pieces of information to know about the software update. The first is that the update only applies to 2021-2022 models of the VW ID.4. Owners of the 2023 model year are already running with the most recent software package.

The second piece of critical info about the update is that ID.4 owners won’t be able to do it remotely. They must have it done at the Volkswagen service center. ID.4 owners will be contacted by the VW dealership in South Jordan to book an appointment.

Once the software has been updated, you will see the following changes:

  • A new driving feature called Auto Hold will be added to the vehicle. Whenever you bring your vehicle to a complete stop, the Auto Hold feature will activate, allowing you to take your foot off the brake without the vehicle rolling forward. The Auto Hold feature can be turned off if you decide you don’t want to use it.
  • The ID.Cockpit digital display will get a noticeable upgrade that will keep drivers better informed about the status of the VW ID.4. Upon completing the software update at the Volkswagen service center, the ID.Cockpit will display how much range you have left, remaining battery percentage, the vehicle’s current driving mode (Comfort, Custom, Sport, Eco, or Traction). Additionally, the upgrade will add a trip computer feature.
  • The map of Electrify America’s charging stations will be updated, making it much easier for drivers to find places in the area to charge their VW ID.4. Additionally, the update will add a charge routing feature to the navigation system.
  • The update will improve the user experience of the infotainment system, fix some minor bugs, and make some security upgrades.
  • If you’ve yet to be contacted about updating the software on your 2021-2022 VW ID.4, someone from the Volkswagen service center will reach out to you in the coming weeks to set an appointment.

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