VW Scores Big on the Car and Driver Editors’ Choice List for 2022

April 4th, 2022 by

2022 VW GTI

The Six VW Vehicles that Made the List and How to Get Them at Your Local Volkswagen Dealer

Nothing gets people more excited about seeing a vehicle than positive word of mouth, and there’s perhaps no better word of mouth than the Car and Driver Editors’ Choice List.

It’s the who’s who of the automobile world where all the biggest stars of the year are showcased for their breakthroughs in engineering, performance, and providing drivers a superior driving experience. Making the list means your vehicle is impressing the right people, so it’s with great pleasure that we’re able to announce that Volkswagen has no less than six different VW models that made the final cut.

Let’s take a look at each VW vehicle that made the list and how you can check them out at your local Volkswagen dealer here in South Jordan.

#1 – Volkswagen Jetta GLI (Sport Compact Car category)

What reviewers liked about the Jetta GLI: The sport compact category is a competitive area, but reviewers recognized the Jetta GLI as a stand-out for its superb features package, fun driving style, and overall practicality. Reviewers said that they’d be hard pressed to find a sedan that is more fun to drive than the Jetta GLI, and the low price point makes it all the more alluring to drivers on a budget.

A note from your local Volkswagen dealer about the Jetta GLI: We won’t mince words here. The VW Jetta GLI is an absolute blast to drive. With its 2.0L Turbo engine, 228 horsepower, and 258 lb-ft. of torque, this is a sedan that is made to get from point A to point B in a hurry. It also doesn’t fall short in the style department, either. VW designers gave this iteration of the Jetta a more aggressive look that will strike fear in the hearts of other sedans that cross your path.

At the end of the day though, the Jetta is a car that’s known for its practicality and low cost of ownership. Drivers of the Jetta GLI will enjoy great fuel economy (26 city/37 highway) with a starting MSRP of just $31,295. You can find it at a Volkswagen dealership near you in South Jordan.

#2 – Volkswagen Golf GTI (Sport Compact Car category)

What reviewers liked about the Golf GTI: The VW Golf GTI has a longstanding reservation on most editors’ list, and this iteration (the Mk8) was no disappointment. Reviewers fell in love with this version as well, remarking on how it’s even quicker and lighter than the previous Mk7, which is no small feat. Much like its predecessors, the Golf GTI remains one of the most exciting and practical hatchbacks on the market.

A note from your local Volkswagen dealer about the Golf GTI: The VW Golf GTI is a speedy whip that comes from a long line of speedy whips. The mere mention of those three little letters “GTI” gets pulses racing knowing that something small and speedy is coming down the pipe. The Mk8 is the finest hatchback offering yet from the folks at VW.

Yielding a mighty 241 horsepower and 273 lb-ft. of torque, this whip provides plenty of zip to drivers who want to serve up plenty of helpings of dust to vehicles in their rearview mirror. The Golf GTI has a starting MSRP of $29,880, making it just a shade cheaper than the Jetta GLI. You’ll sacrifice some interior space but get a little bit more power under the hood.

#3 – Volkswagen Golf R (Sport Compact Car category)

What reviewers liked about the Golf R: The engineers at VW pulled out all the stops when it came to making the Golf R one of the speediest things on four wheels, and reviewers noticed. They gave the Golf R high praise for its snappy performance combined with overall practicality, calling it “the hot hatch for mature driving enthusiasts.”

A note from your local Volkswagen dealer about the Golf R: If you want the undisputed champion in speed and performance, then the Golf R is the way to go. It’s armed with a 7-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission with R-performance torque vectoring 4MOTION all-wheel-drive. It takes on hairpin turns and sharp curves without blinking.

And thrill-seeking drivers will love the power the Golf R delivers. 315 of horsepower and 295 lb-ft. of torque make this the top performer for VW in the sport compact car category.

If you’re trying to find this vehicle at a new car dealership near you – just give it a moment – it’s coming in from overseas. Contact the team at VW SouthTowne if you want one set aside for you to test drive.

#4 – Volkswagen ID.4 (Electric SUV category)

What reviewers liked about the ID.4: As the first foray into the EV space from VW, expectations were high for the all-electric ID.4. Fortunately, reviewers were wowed by the spacious interior, future-forward design, and max driving range per single charge. They also praised the ease of use and practicality that the ID.4 offers drivers.

A note from your local Volkswagen dealer about the ID.4: The VW ID.4 has enjoyed a ton of success since its initial roll-out last year. It was named the 2021 World Car of the Year, besting every electric and non-electric vehicle on the market.

Drivers love the overall design aesthetic, the upscale feature package, ample cargo space, and the 280-mile max driving range on a single charge (with Pro S model). The best part? This is an EV that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get. The low starting MSRP of $41,230 (as low as $33,260 after potential federal tax credit) is finally giving folks justification to ditch their gas-guzzlers and go green.

#5 – Volkswagen Taos (Subcompact SUV category)

What reviewers liked about the Taos: Even though the Taos is the smallest SUV in the VW SUV lineup, critics praised the spaciousness of the interior along with the ample cargo space. They also like how the Taos is one of the more fuel-efficient SUVs in its class, delivering 28 city/36 highway for those drivers who are trying to save a few bucks at the pump.

A note from your local Volkswagen dealer about the ID.4: The great thing about the VW Taos is that it’s an SUV that handles more like a sedan. It’s got all the classic hallmarks of an SUV such as speed, power, and storage, but it’s light and quick on its proverbial feet. Drivers will have 184 lb-ft of torque and 158 horsepower at their beck and call along with the previously mentioned fantastic fuel economy.

We like to recommend the Taos to drivers who want to upsize from a sedan but don’t want to go to a full-blown SUV like the Atlas or Tiguan. The starting MSRP of $23,495 makes the Taos a great way to step into an SUV without breaking the bank.

#6 – Volkswagen Tiguan (Compact SUV category)

What reviewers liked about the Tiguan: The Tiguan is a VW SUV that consistently delivers, and this year was no exception. Once again, reviewers remarked about the Tiguan’s spacious cabin (up to 73.4 cubic ft.), fantastic handling, and a third row of seating that can accommodate even the largest of family dynamics. If you want the classic SUV experience with a touch of European charm – the Tiguan is where it’s at.

A note from your local Volkswagen dealer about the Tiguan: if you’re hitting up a Volkswagen dealership near you looking for the biggest and best SUV on the lot, you can’t go wrong with the VW Tiguan. It’s got ample interior space, it’s got power, and it’s got loads of safety and convenience features packed into it.

The turbocharged engine and 4MOTION all-wheel drive feature means you’ll have more power and control than your daily commuter counterparts on the road. Once you take it for a test drive, you’ll see why so many families choose the Tiguan over all other SUVs.

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