VW Lays Out Plans to Boost EV Transition

October 26th, 2022 by

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How Volkswagen is Going to Increase the Market Share of Electric Vehicles

According to reporting from Car and Driver, registrations for electric vehicles went up a whopping 60 percent in Q1 of this year. What’s even more amazing is that this occurred while the overall vehicle market was down.

Although many drivers are switching over to electric vehicles for environmental reasons and for the tax credit, there’s one reason that trumps both of those – gas prices. As you may recall, gas prices hit their peak over the summer. Some drivers reported paying well over $100 per tank.

This event finally got people seriously thinking about new electric cars and just how much they could save by switching over. Although charging an EV isn’t free, it’s certainly less than paying for gas, even with the prices coming down. Electric vehicles also get decent range now. The Volkswagen ID.4, for instance, gets 275 miles on a single charge (Pro model). That range is expected to improve as battery technology is advanced. The next wave of electric vehicles from VW is expected to go well over 300 miles on a single charge.

As of right now, VW only has the one electric vehicle offering in its U.S. lineup. However, drivers should expect big changes in the future. Oliver Blume, the new CEO of the Volkswagen Group, recently laid out his plan for how VW intends to boost their EV transition.

VW Plans to Be the King of Electric Vehicles

When Herbert Diess, former CEO of the VW Group, stepped down, there were some rumblings about whether the next person in line would be as adamant about transitioning over to electric vehicles. On day one of Oliver Blume taking over, he made his intentions clear – electric vehicles are the future of Volkswagen.

Not only does Blume plan to continue the course originally laid out by Diess, but he is accelerating production to keep up with increasing demand. In Q3 of 2022, the VW ID.4 hit record sales numbers. The one challenge with the vehicle is there aren’t enough in circulation to keep up with demand because of supply chain issues. Blume intends to fix that.

In addition to making heavy investments in EV battery sourcing, Volkswagen will also be manufacturing the VW ID.4 domestically in Chattanooga, TN, which circumvents the supply chain issue. As laid out earlier in the year, the plan is still to become a “sustainable and software-driven mobility provider” with 50% electric vehicle sales by 2030.

Blume was quoted, saying, “I am a fan of e-mobility and I stand by this path…we will keep the current pace and, where possible, increase it.” He has also gone on record about how VW needs to find the right rhythm for a stable transformation by developing and following a clear strategy. Although the automobile market can be a moving target, Blume seems intent on moving full steam ahead when it comes to electric vehicles.

In addition to the VW ID.4, Volkswagen already has several different electric vehicles that are already in the pipeline. They include the VW ID.LIFE, the VW ID.Buzz, and the most recently announced VW ID.AERO. What’s great about the EV slate is that each vehicle is entirely different from the next, with the exception of them all running on battery.

The VW ID.LIFE is an SUV that is made out of recycled materials. It is expected to retail for around $20,000. The VW ID.Buzz is the all-electric take of a van meant to suit big families or folks who like to travel cross-country. Finally, the VW ID.AERO is slated to be the first all-electric sedan from the automaker.

Volkswagen did a great job hitting the quality standards with their first EV release. The VW ID.4 was the winner of the World Car of the Year Award in 2021. With this planned slate of upcoming new electric cars, they’ll finally have a variety of offerings that customers have been asking for.

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