2018 Volkswagen Jetta vs 2018 Ford Fusion


Our team at Volkswagen SouthTowne has put together this 2018 Volkswagen Jetta vs. Ford Fusion comparison, so we can highlight the distinct differences between these two popular sedans. A few of the features discussed will revolve around infotainment, interior and exterior style, and safety. If you happen to have any more questions, feel free to contact our dealership. We’re always happy to serve drivers around the West Valley, Murray City, and Orem communities.

Volkswagen Jetta vs Ford Fusion: Audio & Connectivity

Entertainment goes a long way when discussing modern sedans, which is why the VW Jetta and Ford Fusion have stocked their cabins with pristine infotainment systems. Take, for example, the Volkswagen Jetta. This sedan has unique features like a driver personalization system. With this, you can create multiple profiles, and each time you settle into the driver seat, you can simply pull up your profile, and the car will adjust itself to match your predetermined preferences. You can also connect your smartphone to your vehicle with Volkswagen Car-Net® App connect. After syncing your phone with the sedan, you can pull up music, the radio, or navigation options on the available touchscreen device located on the dashboard. No matter what you’re listening to, it’ll sound crystal clear, thanks to the BeatsAudio® set-up. The Fusion also has integration software that allows you to link your smartphone with the car. However, it doesn’t feature a comprehensive personalization system, and the overall interface for the infotainment set-up is often described as being less than ideal in terms of user friendliness.

VW Jetta vs Fusion: Interior & Exterior Style

When it comes to style, it’s difficult to match the newly re-designed Volkswagen Jetta. This sedan now features a bold, yet aerodynamic exterior that stands out in a crowd, and perfectly straddles the line between elegance and ferocity. The LED headlights and LED taillights leave a lasting image in the mind of on-lookers, whether you’re pulling up to the scene, or making a quick getaway. As for the interior, features like two-tone V-Tex leatherette seats, available Titan Black bolsters, and perforated Storm Gray inserts take refinement to another level. The Fusion is certainly no slouch when it comes to style, either, with notable features like the rippling exterior hood, and leather-trimmed front seats. However, the blend of customization and charisma found in the VW Jetta gives this sedan the edge.

Safety for Every Passenger

Safety is at the forefront of both the Volkswagen Jetta and Ford Fusion. This is evident when discussing the VW Jetta because it has features like an Intelligent Crash Response System, which automatically deploys the airbags, turns off the fuel pump, unlocks the doors, and activates the hazard lights. The Fusion implements its own unique brand of safety, on the other hand, but it can’t quite match this type of intelligent responsiveness in the face of an accident.

VW Jetta vs Ford Fusion: Who Wins?

We’re going to give the edge to the VW Jetta in this head-to-head matchup, because it offers a more appealing blend of style, safety, and entertainment for drivers around West Valley, Murray City, and Orem. You can get to know this model a little better by contacting Volkswagen SouthTowne today!