Transparency, Pricing and Customer Service Lead to Success for Utah VW Dealer

Volkswagen SouthTowne has a saying, “Where Good Things Happen,” which is both a promise
and a goal for all that they do. Good things happen at Volkswagen SouthTowne because they
strive to provide every customer with a positive, transparent car buying experience. When you
purchase a car from VW SouthTowne, you’ll get much more than just a vehicle that you love —
you become a part of a Volkswagen family.

Award-winning reputation and customer experience

Not only will you be part of their family, but you will also enjoy award-winning care and service.
Volkswagen SouthTowne has been awarded as the number one Volkswagen dealer in Utah for
volume sales and customer satisfaction for the last five years, a top volume dealer in Utah, a
national top 10 VW dealer, and a seven-time winner of the prestigious Wolfsburg Crest Club

In order to be considered for the Wolfsburg Crest Club Award, a dealer must meet the very toplevel
standards in various areas, with the expected benchmarks for earning the award going far
beyond sales. Requirements also include excellence in such areas as customer satisfaction
indexes, facility excellence, Volkswagen Academy employee certification, operating standards,
dealership financial statement and parts, and service standards.

“I think one of the reasons Volkswagen SouthTowne is the #1 Volkswagen dealership here in
Utah is because we don’t let any negativity through our doors,” says Jeff Davis, operations
director for Volkswagen SouthTowne. “We have a saying that Volkswagen SouthTowne is a
‘place where good things happen.’ That means no matter what is going on out there — the news,
the economy, outside stressors — we leave it at the door. We put a protective bubble of positivity
around our store. We focus on what we can control and we win.”

Here are a few additional reasons why VW SouthTowne is the best place in Utah to buy a car:

Best pricing available

VW SouthTowne extends to all customers a good deal promise. This means that every car they
sell is sold at a lower price than what is found at other dealerships.
How do they do this? It’s all in their business philosophy, and for VW SouthTowne, it’s all about
volume. Rather than sell hundreds of cars for a larger profit, VW SouthTowne would rather sell
thousands of cars for less profit. Why? Because lower prices mean customers will come back. In
this scenario, all parties benefit. Transparent pricing is key to VW SouthTowne’s success as a

Best deal for your trade

Volkswagen SouthTowne is unique in its ability to give customers more for their trade than other
dealerships. Volkswagen SouthTowne is able to save our customers hundreds of dollars by
accepting trade-ins for their used car department. By reconditioning local trade-ins, Volkswagen
SouthTowne avoids spending time and money at expensive auto auctions. So by taking in trades
and avoiding auction fees, Volkswagen SouthTowne passes this on to the customer by
discounting inventory.

Financing options

Volkswagen SouthTowne has excellent financial advisors that are able to leverage their strong
relationships with various banks and credit unions, which means finding the right financing
situation for their customers. Once they find the right finance and payment plan for a customer,
the bank gives Volkswagen SouthTowne the money, which is applied to further discount the
customer’s vehicle.

Customer satisfaction is the priority — no matter what

At Volkswagen SouthTowne, it’s apparent that employees and the customers they serve are

“Our employees are passionate about what they do,” says Jeff Davis, Operations Director for
Volkswagen SouthTowne. “Most of our employees have worked here for 10-20 years. You don’t get that kind of low
employee turnover unless you build a culture that knows how to get real with each other, coach
when you need to, and support each other always.”

In addition to training employees that care, VW SouthTowne offers a three-day vehicle
exchange. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your car, you can exchange it at Volkswagen
SouthTowne no questions asked.

“We love this business,” says Josh Osborne, general manager for Volkswagen SouthTowne.
“Truly the joy of helping someone buy their first car, or get financed when everyone else said
‘no,’ or just saving people money because they’ve been paying too much for a car in the past, is
just such a joy. Our customers tell us all the time how grateful they are to work with a friendly,
upbeat dealership with a transparent buying process.”

With a huge selection of models like the Jetta, Passat, Tiguan, Atlas, Golf and the new Arteon,
the Volkswagen SouthTowne e sales team can help you discover which model is the best fit for
your lifestyle.

Come see for yourself why more customers prefer Volkswagen SouthTowne over any other
Volkswagen dealer in Utah.

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