Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean During Summer Adventures

June 23rd, 2021 by

Volkswagen South Jordan Utah

Inexpensive Ways to Keep Dust, Dirt, and Grime Off Your Ride

With summer upon us, many folks are already hitting the road in the pursuit of cross-country adventures, and Volkswagen cars are perfect for both interstate travel and off-road driving. The Volkswagen Jetta and Volkswagen Golf are two of the speediest most fuel-efficient cars in the industry, which makes them great for traveling long distances without going broke on gas. Not to be outdone, the VW Tiguan is one of the very best SUVs in a competitive class of vehicles that require a ton of cargo space for those big family camping trips. No matter what your summer fun consists of, Volkswagen cars can help you get where you need to go. However, with travel comes the challenge of keeping your car clean.

Whether you’re a highway driver or chugging along though country roads, your vehicle is bound to get dirty out there. Dust, grime, bugs, and mud are all part of the driving experience, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them lessen your vehicle’s appearance. In fact, there are plenty of ways to safeguard your vehicle against the great outdoors and Mother Nature. It’s simply a matter of being prepared for what may be thrown your way. Here are three items that can help protect your vehicle from getting dirty.

Seat Covers

If you’ve ever had your hike or other outdoor adventures suddenly ruined by rain, you know what your first instinct is – to get back to the car ASAP. The problem is that you don’t want to get into your own car sopping wet. Even if you have leather seats, getting moisture and mud everywhere can really make a mess of the car’s interior.

That’s why we recommend seat covers as a way to protect your vehicle from whatever rainy day hazard you may encounter. Not only can they protect against whatever foreign elements you may bring back into the car, they’ll also protect against pet fur and pet scratches as well. You can pick up several different types in a variety of colors and fabrics starting at around $30. You can spend more obviously, but seat covers don’t need to be a huge investment since you plan on getting them dirty.

Rubber Floor Mats

If you’re getting seat covers, you might as well get floor mats, too. There’s absolutely nothing worse than getting caught out in the rain and then caking your own floor mats and pedals with mud. This is an especially common problem for those that work outdoors and/or go on camping and fishing trips on a frequent basis. Your shoes end up carrying a lot of stuff back into the car you’d rather keep out.

When it comes to floor mats, there are plenty of high-quality models that are laser cut to fit your Volkswagen car or SUV like it’s straight from the manufacturer. These keep the mud and moisture from getting to your floor mat and are made from materials that are easily cleaned. You should be able to spray them off with a hose or at the car wash – no problem. Be prepared to spend at least $100 for high-quality floor mat molds that can stand the test of time.

Window Tinting

When people think of window tinting, most don’t consider it to be anything more than an aesthetic upgrade. Granted, window tinting will make your car look cooler, but it does far more than that. Many of the top window tints in the industry protect you and the car’s interior from up to 98% of the sun’s UV rays. That not only keeps the interior temps of your car down to a minimum on hot sunny days, but it also helps protect your steering wheel, dash, and seats from being eaten up by the sun slowly over time. If you want to protect your vehicle from getting sun damage and maintain the most amount of value on the car possible, invest in tinted windows. It’s a small price to pay that yields years of benefits.

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