5 Signs Your Oil Needs Changing

Oil Change

As a responsible driver, changing your oil every 5,000 to 8,000 miles is ideal to keep your car running smoothly. As oil is the primary lubricant and coolant for your engine, changing your motor oil will increase your vehicles longevity and enhance your MPG, as with clean oil, it does less work.

However, did you know there are other aspects that factor into when you need to change your oil? To help you notice these oil change signs, Volkswagen SouthTowne, your local dealership in the West Valley, Murray City, and Orem areas, has made a list of the Top 5 Signs Your Oil Needs Changing. Learn about each sign below and what to do when you spot something suspicious.

1. You See Dark or Dirty Oil

Dirty Oil FilterWhen your oil is clean, it is light and transparent in color, but it will start to become dark over time, and eventually thick and black if not changed. This is caused by components in your engine as well as the environment. A good sign you need your oil changed is if you see your oil has become darker or sludgy.

To check this, open the hood of your car and locate the oil dipstick, which looks like a ring coming from the engine. There will be oil at the end and it should give you a good indication of the color and consistency.

2. You Hear a Knocking Sound in Your Engine

If the sounds within your engine have increased, or if you hear anything that does not sound normal, it could mean your oil needs replacing. When motor oil ages, it loses some of its important lubrication properties, making the moving parts under the hood work harder. This can result in grinding or knocking sounds, indicating you should schedule a service appointment.

3. Your Check Oil or Check Engine Light Illuminates

Check Engine LightThe check oil light is located on your dashboard and is a tell-tale sign that something needs to be checked out. Whether you cannot remember the last time you had your oil changed or there is a possible issue under the hood, this light will notify you to make an appointment with our authorized dealer.

If something is seriously wrong, the check engine light will appear. When this happens, pull off the road to safety and see if you can determine what might cause this light to shine. Then, call to make a service appointment right away to avoid further damage.

4. There is Exhaust Smoke Coming from Your Tailpipe

Though translucent smoke coming from your tailpipe is typically normal, seeing dark smoke arise from your car is never a great sign. When this happens, check your oil levels on the dipstick under your hood to see if there is a possible oil leak. Taking your car into your authorized dealer to determine the issue is also a good idea, as it could be something wrong with your engine parts.

5. You Smell Oil Inside of the Cabin

Oil Change ServiceThe last warning sign is smelling oil inside of your vehicle. This can mean there is a leak, your vehicle is overheating, or oil is burning somewhere it shouldn’t be. All these reasons can cause serious issues to your car, so call your dealership right away to set up an appointment.

Schedule an Oil Change Today

Now that you have completed the first step of learning the five warning signs your oil needs changing, schedule a service appointment with Volkswagen SouthTowne to get your vehicle back in shape. Whether you have seen these oil change signs while driving in West Valley, Murray City, or Orem, or it’s just that time, our trained professionals are here for you.

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