4 Reasons Fall is the Best Time to Buy a Car

September 26th, 2019 by
Volkswagen SouthTowne Dealership

Volkswagen SouthTowne Dealership

As the weather cools down and snow caps the mountains for the first time of the season, you might start to dread driving through the snow and winter weather. Even though it’s still (we hope) a few months away, it’s a good idea to make sure your car is in the right condition to manage the weather. For some drivers, that means getting a new car, especially if you want an all-wheel-drive vehicle that can handle any sort of weather.

Choosing your next car can be a time-consuming process. You can spend hours researching, test driving, comparing and negotiating. Once you decide which vehicle you want, don’t rush into the purchase process without first considering the timing.

Knowing the best time of the month and year to purchase your next car can potentially save you thousands of dollars. Factors like the weather, consumer vacationing and spending patterns, and even incentives dealerships receive all play an important part in determining when you can get the best deal on your next new or used car purchase.

It just so happens that we are entering one of the absolute best times of the year to purchase a car. The air is cooling down which means driving in the snow is on everyone’s mind. The costs of summer vacations and back to school is behind us. The holiday season is close, but holiday shopping hasn’t started. This middle part of fall is the best time to buy your new car, and here are four reasons why.

Late-year incentives

Car dealership sales are driven by quotas and goals. This is no secret. But where do these goals come from? What many people don’t realize is that car dealerships set most of their goals based on expectations from the actual car manufacturer — and when those goals are met, the dealerships get big cash incentives from the manufacturer.

According to Bankrate, these sales goals are typically broken down by year, quarter, and month. Once the last quarter of the year begins in October, dealerships have a clear idea based on the year’s previous three quarters whether they will meet, surpass, or possibly fall short of their goals.

Being able to clearly see the finish line at the end of the year, dealerships always look to get a hot start in October. The sooner they can meet and surpass their goals for the year, the sooner they can enjoy the year-end holidays. This means dealerships are eager to give you their absolute best prices with very little negotiating, which benefits not only the customer but the sales representative.

Dealerships focus on clearing their inventory

Fall is also the time when car manufacturers roll out next year’s models. This means brand new cars from the current year become heavily discounted to make room for next year’s cars. Manufacturers increase the incentive amounts they pay to dealerships so they can sell off these “old” new cars. In turn, the dealerships are happy to pass those savings on to you in order to bring in as many of the next year’s models as possible.

While new year models get new and innovative upgrades, if you’re someone who doesn’t need the absolute latest and greatest features, buying the previous model year can save you thousands and get you into a brand new car. And these next year models are already hitting dealerships. Come October, dealerships become most eager to clear out previous model year cars, and combined with year-end incentives and discounts, buyers become the big winners.

Consider how a dealership like Volkswagen SouthTowne in South Jordan structures their yearly goals. For the first three quarters of the year, goals are primarily based on money earned by the dealership through car sales. But in the last quarter, their goals shift emphasis to the number of cars they sell. While VW SouthTowne runs great promotions year-round because they focus on selling more cars, the end of the year is a time where their singular focus is clearing their lot.

Holiday sales

Big box stores aren’t the only ones who gear up for the holidays in October. ’Tis also the season for holiday-themed car dealership commercials and promotions, showcasing their biggest discounts of the year. Bankrate says, while the seasonal commercials are amusing, they feature legitimately great savings compared to the rest of the year.

Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year promotions are sure bets in finding a great deal — if you want to brave the crowds and weather. But if you want a calmer and less hectic buying experience with the same great deals, the end of fall is your best bet. Kelley Blue Book reiterates how not only are sales quotas hanging in the balance near the end of the year but so is the dealership’s inventory. This means that car dealerships are working to clear their inventory by midnight December 31, and that buyers who purchase in October get the best selection of new cars before the holiday rush.

It’s the season of giving back to customers

Just like any other business, car dealerships are members of their cities and communities. The owners, managers, and sales reps are your friends, family, and neighbors. The final quarter of the year gives them the chance to do some pretty unique and special things for their customers and community, which means deals and promotions available only during this time.

For example, this fall Volkswagen SouthTowne is giving customers a choice between Utah Symphony tickets, Hale Center Theater tickets, Loveland Living Planet Aquarium passes, and lift tickets to local ski resorts, when they buy any new car. Many car dealerships really do treat the end of the year as a time of giving and goodwill. When the focus of their goals shifts from making money from each car sale, to simply selling as many cars as possible, it takes some pressure off the sales process and allows them to have fun with their promotions and give a little more to buyers at the end of the year.

Whether it’s a sedan like the Volkswagen Jetta or a large, family SUV like the Atlas, Volkswagen SouthTowne has the perfect VW for you. And since fall is here, they probably have that perfect VW in stock and for a great deal. Give them a visit online to check out their inventory, or just stop in and ask about their fall discounts.

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